DTG or Direct To Garment Digital Printing

Promo Planet now offers DTG or Direct To Garment Digital Printing on white tees, light color tees, and dark color tees via our large format flatbed printer which has a huge 16" wide, 53" long print area which can accommodate printing up to four garments at a time or one very large print or various combinations of print sizes.    

What is DTG or Direct To Garment Printing?  It is the process of printing directly on cotton and cotton blend garments and textiles such as t-shirts or hoodies through the use of a pre-existing modified inkjet printer that uses special water base CMKY (cyan, magenta, black, and yellow) as well as opaque white inks.  The inks are water based so the fabric absorbs the ink and gives a very soft hand feel.  

DTG or Direct To Garment Printing is an ideal print solution for short production runs or printing that requires full color photographic copy with high image resolution.

Printing quality in some cases (like solid spot color) does not surpass traditional screen printing methods and overall quality. 

Digital to garment printing is best suited for 4-color process printing for fast turnaround and to be used as a cost effective alternative to screen printing when small runs with a lot of colors are needed.

The biggest advantage of DTG printing is the lack of setup costs and instant turnaround time that you don't get with traditional screen printing.  Due to the 4 color process (CMYK) of digital printing, PMS matching will not be exact or guaranteed.

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DTG Direct To Garment Process

The artwork will be reviewed by Promo Planet's graphics department to make sure it meets the minimum dpi of at least 300dpi at the size of print as well as making sure the proper file types are used.

File requirements: Original art file format is always the best result. Higher resolution 300 dpi (at full size) is best. File types: .tiff, .jpg, .psd, or .eps files are recommended.

Promo Planet's award winning graphics team will also check the elements within the artwork to ensure each color in the design will print according to the original image sent and may make adjustments to ensure print accuracy before going into production.

Promo Planet's Direct To Garment Machine Operator will complete a pre-production test print before the job goes into production.

Next when printing a digital image to a dark garment, the application first requires a pre-treatment process preparing the garment for the white ink application. Once the pre-treatment has been applied it will be cured via heat and pressure for a few minutes.

Once the pre-treatment is dry the white ink is applied through the digital heads along with the other colors (CMYK) needed to create the design. Once the design has finished printing our DTG operator checks the print before removing the garment from the machine to ensure the quality. Dark garment with light ink colors usually require two passes of ink. When the design is completely finished the ink is cured via heat and pressure again for a few minutes.

If there is additional print locations to be printed the DTG process is followed again for each location being printed on.

Note: Direct To Garment Digital white ink does cover well on 100% cotton, but does not give 100% coverage on 50/50 blends. White garments do not require a pre-treatment before the image is applied. White shirts generally only require one pass of ink to get a perfect finish.

The digitally printed garments are counted again, sorted, stacked and boxed for shipping or pickup.

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