Screen Printing Specialty Inks Defined 

Custom t-shirt printing has entered the world of special effects. These inks will add great effects to your custom t-shirts. 

Glitter, Sparkle, Metallic and Shimmer Inks  

Glitter inks have an eye catching glint to them, making them great for accenting specific parts of a design or making your whole design sparkle. Our variety of glitter ink colors means that you will be able to find a color that will work the best for your custom design or logo. 

Sparkle special effect inks have dry flake glitter mixed with the ink, to produce subtle sparkle effects with high gloss and excellent durability. Sparkle can be applied to any regular standard color. Sparkle ink reflects in the sunlight and is a great way to add texture to any design using special effect printing. 

Metallic and Shimmer Special effect printing with metallic and shimmer inks is another great way to get a glitter effect. These inks include glitters and shimmers, formulated to produce dramatic effects with excellent durability. They are a reflective inks with smooth texture.

High Density and High Density Clear  

High density printing is done through a process of adding layers of ink on top of one another to create depth with innovative, 3D graphics. You can use any of our colors to create the 3D design of your choice! 

High density clear creates the appearance of glass, gel, water or other high gloss surfaces. This ink is usually put on another ink to get color, because the ink alone is colorless.  

Gel Ink

Gel ink is a clear ink that has a smooth or wet like appearance. This ink is usually put on another ink to get color, because the ink alone is colorless. This ink is also great for watermarks or raindrops, especially on swim team apparel. Use gel ink on dark garments for the best result. 

Foil Applications

Make your custom t-shirts stand out from the crowd with this special effect technique! Foil applications are a great way to add a shine to your custom garments. 

Reflective and Glow-in-the-Dark Inks

Be safe and visible in the dark. Reflective and Glow-in-the-Dark Inks give you plenty of visibility to allow you work or play in the night. 

Puff Ink

Very popular effect and adds depth to your shirt design. 

Cork and Suede Effects 

Give your design a very tactual effect with the addition a Cork or Suede Effect.

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