Our Warehouse Fulfillment Process Ensures Speedy Delivery Times





We pay close attention to detail and we know the importance of consolidation. Our team worked diligently to develop a seamless process that ensures the delivery of your promotional products in a manner you will find confidence in. This includes our research in providing you shortened routing and shipping plans.

We implemented this plan by combining shipments and bridging shorter routes. Often times we can collect with other shipments that result in the same range or route.

How does this benefit you?




We provide crating and packaging labor to protect your promotional products during delivery. This includes pick-up, packing and crating for all product shipping.

Custom Crates - Most secure: Ideal for breakables and heavy or high valued goods

Frequently Used Crates - Ideal for crates that are intended for reuse (we can customize for your specific needs by adding wheels, hinges or shelves).

Cardboard/Wooden Crates - Used for semi-breakables

Pallets - Functional for pre-boxed, non breakables. This is the minimum amount of packaging for any order shipment

Pallet Box - Useful for large non breakable items. A pallet box includes a base, foam insulation, and a double sided wall cardboard exterior

Packaging - Kitting & Assembly:

Packaging Kitting Order FillingWe accommodate full service packaging, kitting and assembling.  We efficiently lead the process to ensure your products are obtained from the manufacturers, and equip for your retail landing place.


Our services include:



Order Fulfillment:


Promo Planet knows that all ordering situations are NOT created equal, they are usually unique and require certain specs and requests. We will meet your customer's order fulfillment needs so you can focus on the in-house matters.... sales!

We are located in central USA in Fort Worth, Texas. Perfect for obtaining accurate delivery routes and times from coast to coast.

Pick and Pack:Order Pick and Pack

Sometimes your orders need larger custom promotional packaging, and other times they may not. This is why we created Pick &a Pack. You may request some items removed from larger cases and put into smaller cases. No problem. We can build new packs to meet this requirement. For web orders, the order is typically picked and packed shortly after the customer selects 'send'.


Supply Chain and Shipping

Supply Chain:


Our teams can manage your product from A to Z.

All materials, documents and financial information flow with your order to ensure they are bound and secure from storage, order placement, packing, shipping to delivery





Promo Planet provides electronic labeling for all major retailers and Gift Shops like Smithsonian. Major retailers require suppliers to correspond via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Our EDI process provide advanced shipping notices and bar codes that are assigned to specific items. This efficiently manages Inbound/outbound receipts, orders, inventory reporting, activity reporting and shipment confirmation.

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