Discount Signs and Vinyl Banners

Creating Effective Signs

Discount Signs and Vinyl BannersThe signage for your business is the most important part of your marketing and promotions. By the sign, customers know what to expect and what awaits them inside. Whether you are creating signs and banners for a brick and mortar store or for a one-time event, making effective ones requires that you understand how to communicate on a banner. The principle is similar to print advertising, but more akin to a hybrid of a business card or sticker.

Promo Planet specializes in promotional products, including signs in Forth Worth.

Understanding how much time you have

If you want to make custom signs for an event, you only have a limited time that you will have someone’s attention. In a convention, trade show, or fair event there are hundreds of banners competing for attention. A banner has to be understood by the viewer in less than 3 seconds. That doesn’t mean that outdoor vinyl banners have to only have simple images. You can add text, but you have to pay attention to the role it plays in the message so it is supporting, but not necessary.

How do you know what is necessary to put on a sign for an event? If there is a unique location for the event then that should be part of the leading message of the sign. Identify for the viewer why it is specific to them. Even something as simple as writing in bold font, “Hey Fort Worth!” taps into a viewer’s sense of connection to the area. Follow up with an image that may or may not be your logo and then add any extra text in a less important font presentation.

Getting the signs made

There are a lot of different materials you can make signs and banners from including metal, vinyl and coroplast. All have their different benefits but discount vinyl banners are going to be some of the most cost effective. They are cost effective when you consider certain aspects about them such as their being easy to transport and store, set up, and inexpensive to print.

Cheap vinyl banners are surprisingly long lasting. We print ours on a durable 13oz scrim vinyl that can withstand the rigors of display and storage.

Another advantage to a flexible banner is it is acceptable in places that may have a fixed sign restriction. Historic districts and some commercial districts have clauses that can make installing signage expensive, the temporary installation of a banner can allow you to get around having to match color schemes and materials that may be out of your budget.

The best approach to getting the signs made is to look at the options for stock images and font styles and then talk to us about pricing solutions. We can help you select the right color schemes and size from all our options to meet your budget without sacrificing any quality. As long as you have an idea of what you need the banner to communicate, we can help you find the best way to do it.

For custom signs in Fort Worth Or Dallas, you won’t find better pricing, quality, or customer service than at Promo Planet.

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