Rhinestone Designs

Custom T Shirts With Rhinestone Designs

Want to turn a boring shirt into something Spectacular?

Can you say BLING BLING?
Bling your apparel with Custom Rhinestones on Shirts, Tanks and T shirts!

They take a boring old t-shirt and turn it into something spectacular. Here we can help you turn your ideas into awesome custom rhinestone shirts and make all your friends jealous of your bling apparel.

Custom Rhinestone Tanks, Shirts, T shirts, and Bling Accessories including bags.


Adding rhinestones and custom bling to clothes is the hottest fashion trend.

You can add rhinestones to any garment you can screen print and embroider on. Bling looks great on t-shirts tank tops, tee shirts and more! Designs can be cute flowers for baby bibs, text like "Bride" for a celebration, or cool skulls and wings on black t-shirts. You can get many looks by adding rhinestones on garments. Rhinestones are great for many celebrations including bachelorette parties, brides and bridesmaids, baby showers, graduations, or just going on a cruise ship where you want to look great. Jewels can be added to more than just shirts. Bling can be added to tote bags to jazz them up. Rhinestones can be a design on their own, or added to screen printed design to add flair.

Rhinestone designs come in many sizes and shapes. Jewels come in a rainbow of colors including red, orange, yellow, green blue, and purple. Don't forget about the hottest rhinestone color of clear to add sparkle to the garment. Rhinestone beads also come in different sizes. Large gems and small gems can be combined on designs to get the perfect dazzle look.

Adding rhinestones to uniforms is also a great idea. Cheerleaders and dance squads look great performing while wearing bejeweled uniforms. Your cheerleaders and dancers will shine and sparkle on stage or at competition wearing tank tops and shirts lettered with bling or with a mascot outlined in jewels. Dazzle the competition with your performance wearing a custom rhinestone shirt.

Adult and youth from the very small to plus sizes and everything in between look good wearing rhinestone apparel. Kids sizes offered from youth small, youth medium, youth large and adult sizes from small, medium, large, xlarge, xxlarge and some styles and brands of tops go to plus sizes of 3xl, 4xl and even 5xl. We have a low minimum order quantity of 24 garments where you can mix and match t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops, or garment colors as long as the rhinestone design and gem colors remain the same through our your order.

Custom rhinestone shirts are popular with mothers, bridal parties, brides, and bridesmaids. Custom bling items are also popular to give as a gift to a new Mrs and to a new baby. Rhinestones can be placed on spaghetti strap tanks, sexy scoop neck shirts, maternity shirts and baby bibs. Custom bling designs can also be added to tote bags, handbags, jackets, shorts, and sweats. Not seeing the apparel you are looking for? Looking for something more fitted or in a color not listed on the website? We have a huge selection of garments to choose from, way too many to put them all up on the web. Call our sales rep to see if we can get exactly what you are looking for to embellish with your favorite custom rhinestone design.

We enjoy working with small and large groups and teams. Sorority and fraternity members, sports team mom, soccer coaches, little league parents. Private and public schools as well as small businesses and large corporations. If you have a custom rhinestone shirt need, we can help. Once you start to shop around, you will find we are one of the cheapest custom rhinestone shirt vendors with the highest quality. Order your stock and custom bling shirts today!