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Now Offering FR Flame Resistant / Fire Retardant Clothing & Apparel

Promo Planet is pleased to announce we are now offering FR Flame Resistant and FR Fire Retardant Clothing and Apparel including Shirts, Jackets, Coveralls, Bib Overalls, Beanies and other accessories. By January 1, 2015 the employer must provide protective clothing and other protective equipment that meets the arc-flash protection requirements of the final rule by April 1, 2015." For the OSHA 1910 Subpart S, and OSHA 1926 Subpart K guidelines and NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112, NFPA 2113 awareness....

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September 17th is International Country Music Day

September 17th is International Country Music Day! Did you know that county music is one of the most popular types of music in the world. Country music was also originated right here in the USA and was established in the 1950. Help us celebrate musicians across the globe. Promo Planet has great items for musicians, bands, groups, orchestras and band merchandise

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September 15th is Greenpeace Day

September 15th is Greenpeace Day, so release your inner activist and get passionate about the planet and environment. See our large selection of eco friendly and sustainable item that is earth friendly.

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Design A Shirt

Let Promo Planet help you design the perfect custom t shirt for your youth camp, daycare , team sports, VBS vacation bible school, or family reunion.

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Trade Show Exhibiting Tips

Promo Planet can help make your trade show booth a success. We can help with custom company apparel, custom banners & signs, custom tablecloths and custom promotional product giveaways.

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Safety in the Workplace

Start your safety program today.

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Sales and Trust

Four ways to earn a prospects trust.

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Warehouse Fulfillment Solutions and Company Store

Promo Planet offers Warehouse fulfillment for your existing e-commerce website. If you need an e-commerce website we can provide you with a company store with all of your favorite products to sell and help you fulfill and take care of your entire supply chain. Consolidating, Crating, Packaging/Kitting/Assembly, Order Fulfillment, Pick & Pack, Supply Chain, and Tagging is no problem!

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Building a Brand to Remember

Do you ever wonder how to build a brand that has loyal and dedicated followers? Branding is a combination of forming emotions, memories and a relationship around your brand in your customers mind. It is not easy to do and will take time to accomplish but when you get it right, you will have a customer (hopefully more) for life!

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How to Prepare a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

If you are planning a direct mail campaign, these steps will help prepare you for a more successful campaign experience.

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Is Creativity Something that Just Happens?

Is creativity something that just happens or can it be built? Well, that depends. Many believe that great ideas "pop" into your head at the most impromptu times. Yet others believe there are elements you can add to your brainstorming that will create greatness.

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Texas Bluebonnets are in Bloom!

Texas bluebonnets are in bloom and there are festivals all over the great state showcasing them. The temperature is perfect for getting out and enjoying the blankets of blue that happen this time every year.

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Got Bags?

Dallas stands to gain millions of tax dollars on plastic and paper bags. Need bags? We got 'em!

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Happy Easter!

Easter is almost here! Are you ready?

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Where Do Promotional Products Work For You?

Studies have shown that that there are specific locations that Promotional Promotional products work best in certain areas. THE TOP 3 LOCATIONS: Promotional Products for Kitchens 91% Promotional Products for Workspace (desk)74% Promotional Products for Bedrooms 55%

Top 5 Promotional Product Categories Customers Remember

Did You Know the Top 5 Promotional Product Categories: Apparel Wearables: (custom screen printed t-shirts, embroidered polo sport shirts / jackets) 41% Writing Instruments: (pens, stylus) 35% Drinkware: (Tumblers, coffee mugs, stadium cups) 19% Sporting Goods: (stress ball relievers, spirit products) 15% Pocket or Purse Items: (compact mirror, sewing kit, mini grooming set) 13% If you are contemplating about one of the items above you can't go wrong. Your customer or potential customer is destined to remember who you are and who your company is!

Top 5 Promotional Product Categories Customers Remember

Did You Know?  Promotional Products Advertising Recall

Did you know 88% of those who received a promotional item was able to recall the advertiser on the promotional product. PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS WORK!

Did You Know?  Promotional Products Advertising Recall

Flaunt Your Font

What does your font say about your Company and Cross Branding?

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