FAQ for Screen Printing, Embroidery and Promotional Products

Promo Planet screen printing, embroidery, and promotional products is located the Fort Worth Texas and services the entire USA. Learn how easy it is to order promotional items, submit logo designs and more.



What is a specialty ink?
A specialty ink is something out of the ordinary. We have really cool and unique things such as glitter, foil, high density and neons just to name a few. Check out some more info on our Specialty Inks Page.

Can you match PMS colors for screen printing?
PMS colors are designed for paper ink to be placed on white stock. You may indicate what PMS color you would like and make one of two choices:

  • Choose a stock t-shirt ink color that is close to the PMS color.

  • Pay extra for a PMS color match, but understand it cannot be guaranteed to be exact on a textile, especially if it is not screen printed on white.

What happens if the color of ink isn't exactly what I viewed online?
Ink colors may vary depending on your computer monitor. The colors will be close, possibly varying by a shade or tint of a color. If you are interested in having a printed color chart sent to you please email us a fee may be involved.

How do I know the correct print dimensions?
Promo Planets largest print dimension is 14.5" tall OR wide, however the standard t-shirt print is 12.5". Print dimensions are really dependent on the location and detail of the design. Promo Planet's art department can help you size your design for the look you are trying to achieve.

Where can I print my design?
Please view this link for our most common print locations. If you have a special request please email a representative or upload your artwork.

Can you do an all over print?
Yes, we do offer all over printing! Check out our all over printing information page or call us at 817-529-9909 for more details.

Can I get a catalog?
Yes! Right now you can see our easy to use apparel online catalog. We carry a large variety of products from a number of vendors who can find almost anything you need.

I am starting a company, do you sell wholesale?
Yes, Promo Planet products are priced at wholesale pricing. We offer lots of extra services that appeal to many new apparel companies. Some of our most popular services are fulfillment, bagging, tagging, and folding/labeling. Ask a sales representative for additional information.

Can I get a screened sample of my design?
Promo Planet offers a great online approval system. This allows you to view your artwork before the product is actually printed. If you would rather have the physical sample in hand, you are able to do a minimum order of 6 pieces.

Is there a minimum order?
Yes, we have 12-piece minimum order for screen printing and 6-pieces for embroidery, 1 piece for DTG Direct-To-Garment, 1 piece for DTF Direct-To-Film, and Sublimation 12 pieces. Please contact a Customer Service Representative for more information and unique situations.

Are the prices on the quote system accurate?
Yes prices are 100% accurate according to your specifications!! If you enter in the correct information, you will get the correct price for your project! Although we try our hardest to give you accurate quotes online for embroidery, its not as easy as screenprinting, DTG Direct-To-Garment or DTF Direct-To-Film or Transfers. Embroidery prices are based on the number of stitches in your design, so the prices online are just an estimate based on our standard stitch counts. To get a 100% accurate quote on embroidery, you can email your artwork and we will be happy to get you an estimated quote.  Please keep in mind all prices are subject to change without notice so check back to verify pricing before placing your order.

How/When do I pay?
Promo Planet requires 100% down before your order is placed. We do not however print ANYTHING without your approval, so you get to check over everything before its processed.

What happens if I cancel my order?
If you cancel your order, we have a $50 cancellation fee as well as a 20% restocking fee for ordered garments.  However, if your project gets to far into the process we may not allow cancellations.  It is a case by case basis.  

How do I order?
You can order multiple ways! You can order online or send us an email using our Contact Form .  Have additional questions, you can call us at 817-529-9909 between the hours of 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday. These are just a few of the ways that Promo Planet makes ordering nearly effortless.

UPS/FedEx says it's a [X] day ship to my location, can you guarantee it will get to me by then?
We wish we had control over UPS/Fedex, but unfortunately, we don't. Although we cannot guarantee UPS or Fedex's shipping times, we can guarantee that we will give it to UPS/Fedex in the time agreed upon between you and our sales reps. Occasionally, UPS/Fedex does have delays in their services based on weather or unforeseen issues, so its best to allot yourself a couple of extra days before your deadline.


Is my order insured when it ships?

Yes. All orders shipping with Fed Ex or UPS are insured for $100.00 per package/box/pallet. Additional coverage up to the full value of the order can be obtained by giving written notice to Promo Planet at time of order placement.


Who is responsible if my order arrives late or is lost?

We take great pride in making sure all logistical timelines are met with absolute accuracy, however, there are rare occasions where Carriers may fail. Once an order ships from our facility or our partner facilities it is the responsibility of the carrier to fulfill their obligation for delivery. Promo Planet has no control over shipment carriers. This is where insurance for the order can be used to protect your investment against these possible issues. Shipper policies are subject to change so you should consult and verify their current terms and conditions on their webpage. When an order ships with ample time for delivery according to the carriers terms and is delayed, does not arrive on time, or misses an event date, Promo Planet and it’s partners will be held harmless and are not responsible for financial loss for any reason including but not limited to package damages, partial or full package losses, negligence, routing errors, supply chain issues arising from accidents, strikes, labor shortages, etc.. Carriers typically will not cover losses due to Force Majeure, or other acts of God, nor will Promo Planet or our partners be financially obligated in any manner to replace or reimburse any portion of the invoice or replace the goods and services. Our portion for service completion has been fully rendered prior to time of shipment. Promo Planet will assist you in any way we can by filing a claim when our shipper number is used for the delivery. We will always take your side and do our best to support you and your claim, but it is ultimately up to the carrier to take or deny responsibility and Promo Planet should not be held responsible for their decision nor should we be reviewed, rated, or denied payment for conditions beyond our control. These are the part of the terms for doing business with Promo Planet. Should these terms be violated or breeched in any manner, you will be fully and financially responsible for the order, and any estimated damages to Promo Planet including up to $10,000 per incident or claim,  full compensation of all attorney fees, and loss of business fees at a rate of $500.00 per hour should the matter have to be litigated or disputed through arbitration.  

Do I have to get all the same size?
Of course not! You can order multiple sizes! They can even all be on the same order, which gets you a better price, as long as we can print the same size design on all of them.

Do I have to get all the same color garment?
Nope! You can get multiple colors within the same order as long as the ink colors and design remain the same.

Are white garments cheaper than colors?
Yes, white garments are a little bit less expensive, but not by much! If you want a colored garment but are looking to reduce your cost, reduce the number of ink colors instead!

How do I get a quote?
2 ways to get a quote.  Go to our apparel page https://apparel.mypromoplanet.com/create, select your desired shirt, select your shirt color, pick your size/quantities, and click "Start Designing" button.  From here you can upload your art; and it will give you an exact amount.  You can add to cart and check out.

You can use our apparel request a quote form at:  https://apparel.mypromoplanet.com/request_quote

You can use our You can get a quote by simply calling us at 817-529-999 or by sending us an email.  We will require the same information you would use on the quote form or the online create page.

How long will it take to receive my order?
We allow 7 to 10 business days for production after pre-payment and you have approved artwork for apparel orders we will produce at our facility. Please allow additional time for larger orders of 10,000+. Your order will ship on the next business day. Delivery time varies depending on your location. If your order is for pickup our customer service department will either email or contact you via phone.  If it is for promotional product orders the production time is in accordance with our promotional product partner for that specific item.  Please inquire within to determine specific turnaround times if it is a critical date.

Need your order within a week?
No problem, rush services are available. Please call ahead before placing your order.  There may be rush fees for apparel and promotional products. Call today!

How much does it cost for Promo Planet to design my artwork?
We have no art fees for simple Text based artwork using one of our standard screen print fonts (see our screen print fonts page for a list). Custom and complex art work is 35.00 per hr. with 1 hr. minimum. Most artwork can be done within the first hour.

How do I send my art?
You may send your artwork to us via email if it is small enough.  If not you can send it to us using: wetransfer.com that can attach larger files. You may also use our online designer where you will also be able to upload your art while you design your shirt online.  Click here to go to our designer now!

What happens when I email my art?
When you email your art, it is sent to us to view! We take a look at it and email you back within 24 hours with questions or comments. If you have questions or comments please let us know what those may be in the email.

What types of files do you accept?
Vector art built in Adobe illustrator is the best to send us, but we have a wide range of file types we can use. You can visit our Art Information Page for a comprehensive list.

Do you have free shipping?
Yes! We have shipping. It will not be free, but we have some of the best discounted shipping rates that we pass to you. Please inquire within for more details.

What if my job is complex?
Promo Planet is happy to take on your complex job! Understand however, there may be additional artwork charges of 35.00 per hr. with 1 hr. min. if your job is complex.

I can't find your t-shirt designer... where is it?
Click here to go to our t-shirt designer.  I will default to our most popular t-shirt but click the "Change Product" button on the left side to pick a different style or product.


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