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Using Banners Effectively

Custom Vinyl Or Fabric BannersUsing banners to promote your business, products, services or specials is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do custom vinyl banners let you create a unique advertisement, but one that can be transported and stored easily. If you manage the design of your banner displays effectively, you can cycle them throughout the year and use them at different events. You can also have one-time only versions printed for specific events.

The Design and Printing Process

Some Banners are screen printed the same way that posters and apparel are done; however, our banners are digitally printed in full color with eco friendly inks and applied to 13oz scrim vinyl. There is a broad range of options available for screen printing or digitally printing that allows you to pick the color and intensity of the inks. The inks are color fast and the banner weather proof. It is also flexible, which allows it to be rolled when not in use. Designing the banner can be done using any one of the fonts available in the apparel printing process and you can use stock artwork or upload your own to finish the design. The important part of the process is planning what the banner is calling attention to. A banner design can be spotted from quite far away, so carefully consider what you think will catch someone’s interest.

Types of Banners

Banners come in all different shapes and sizes. The old days of the simple rectangular banner have evolved tremendously. There are many banner material substrates to choose from based on the application and placement of your banner or signage.  For instance fabric banners are great for indoor signage but if it is not on a wall you may need to use fabric block out material.  One of the most popular new styles is the flag banner. These are freestanding banners that use a flexible frame to keep their shape and are often placed outdoors to signal an entrance. You may also consider using window, street or avenue banners to grab attention.  Your banner doesn’t always have to be large, small banners are useful for advertising specials or to help with customer direction.

Also, another box to break out of is that banners do not have to have an image and text on a white background, you can get creative! When choosing the background color for your design, think about the actual distance from which it will be read. White is a first choice for long distances, but if you are using it in a smaller area, you can be more creative with your colors. Be mindful that the background color sets off the text and doesn’t overwhelm or camouflage the message.

The logo, the product or the giveaway

Banners have to advertise something as quickly and efficiently as possible. It has been said that a good banner can be read and understood in 3 seconds. Anything more than that and you are risking a potential client walking off before they read the whole thing. You can advertise your business presence, with a simple branding design.

You can also choose to advertise the promotional marketing products you are using as your trade show giveaways. The better your banner can capture someone’s eye and give them a reason to walk over and engage with your display, the more successful your presence will be.

Some of our most popular banners are indoor and outdoor vinyl banners as well as indoor and outdoor fabric banners.  They are cost effective and get the job done at little expense but have a huge ROI.

If you are looking for mobile and easy to carry banners or displays for a trade show or convention then banner stands is a great option.  Banner stands come in all shapes and sizes.  From the traditional backdrop step and repeat you find on every televised event to the retractable banner stands, and motorized revolving banner stand that create a captive audience.

Contact us to discuss the best type of banner for your next event, or how you can create seasonal banners to advertise specials.

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